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The Forest is such a horror game that you will scream and cover your eyes while playing it. This is a survival horror game where you will find a lot of puzzle-like objectives. Being a simulation game, it will provide a first-person view from the perspective of Eric, the hero of the game. Let’s check how long you can stay alive in this merciless jungle.

The Forest Mobile download

Plot of The Forest APK

Have you read the book ‘Robinson Crusoe’ or watched the movie ‘Castaway?’ If yes, then you’re going to find the plot of The Forest, similar to the above-mentioned pieces of art, and if you haven’t watched it yet, then a unique story awaits you.


The story begins with a plane flying smoothly in the air in somewhat bad weather conditions. Among hundreds of passengers, Eric Leblanc and his little son Timmy are traveling calmly. Suddenly, due to some technical error, the plane crashes and blows up, turning the night into a sunny day. All the passengers lose their lives in the hands of fate, and no one survives.

Wait, what? Someone is breathing in the jungle, and he is Eric Leblanc, who fell onto some plants and managed to save his life. But the real trouble is going to hinder your way and that trouble is survival. From this point, you will be playing the role of Eric, so prepare yourself for the greatest survival ever.

Gameplay of the Forest Survival APK

The gameplay is like other common horror games having first-person view and swipe indicating controls. For minor actions like picking up items or dropping them back, different buttons will be shown on the screen. For major actions like attacking and defending, you may use swipe gestures.

Moreover, it runs in an episodic form where you will see a particular break between the tasks. At some point, the number of enemies or difficulties will be massive while at other times, you will find nothing difficult. The fast-paced immersive gameplay is going to take you by storm with real-time effects.

Features of The Forest APK

Find these intimidating features in this scary game:

Chance to Explore, Defend, and Survive

There are some games, where exploration is the only job, you do. While in some other games, you will have to defend yourself from in-game enemies. Also, there are some games, where there are no enemies, yet you have to survive. A combination of all these fun jobs welcomes you to this new game.

Dangerous Mutant Creatures

The enemies, you are going to face in The Forest, are neither human nor animals. Rather they are some sort of mixture of different creatures and therefore people call them ghosts. Some people also call them aliens due to their strange chemistry. But whatever they are, they are extremely dangerous.

Everything is Mysterious

Mystery engages us and forces us to dig something deeply like the way The Forest does. Everything you will see, or touch is quite mysterious and forces you to search. This phenomenon will keep you tightly engaged in the moment while delivering the storyline efficiently.

15 Hours of Suspense

Gamers always complain that excellent games do not last for a long time and this complaint is no longer valid. The Forest is stretched for more or less 15 hours and in these 15 hours, there is not even a single moment of relief. Every minute of the game counts and is filled with remarkable suspense and thriller.

Hunt and Cook Animals

Either you hunt in hunting games or cook in cooking games. But you cannot do both jobs simultaneously but The Forest game lets you do these at one time. There are plenty of organisms that you can pray to and then cook a delicious meal for yourself to stay alive and find your son Timmy.

How many players can join me in the Forest APK PC?

Primarily, there are two possible ways to play this game: solo and multiplayer. If you opt for solo, then you will have to survive all alone whereas in multiplayer mode, up to 8 can join your hands in survival.

Game the Forest APK Download

There is a specific modified variant of this game, with some modified features. The Forest APK Mod might not have official support, but it does have some attractive features like ads, free experience, etc. There are plenty of mods available but the top-ranked is the one with OBB file.

Downloading this mod will introduce you to one of the finest gaming experiences having high speed. This OBB file is an extra layer of coding and enhances the capacity of the game several times. So, explore faster, defend faster, and survive faster.

How to download?

To get the Forest Mobile Download, you need the follow these simple steps:

• Download the APK file that is visible here and save it in a specific folder.
• Rush to that folder and tap on the file to initiate automatic installation.
• Here is the greatest horror game ready for you to come and play.

Can I play this game on MacBook?

Currently, there is no official support to play The Forest Game on your MacBook and hence you cannot play. Nevertheless, some virtual machine software like VMware Fusion can help you play these there.

Final Thought

The Forest is one of the scariest games, where your job is to explore, defend, and survive harsh circumstances. Everything seems to be mysterious here including those mutant creatures. You can hunt as well as cook food to stay alive for at least 15 hours. The game is meant to scare, confuse, and entertain you with its mixed concepts. In short, you’re going to feel as if you have entered the in-game world of The Forest APK.