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Super Mario Odyssey APK is another milestone in the long streak of Mario games published by Nintendo. This first-ever non-linear strategic game is played in simulation style within a wide sandbox open world. The princess has been recaptured and the world has become wider; Mario is not going to sit idle and will figure out the solution.

Super mario odyssey mobile download

Engaging Plot of Super Mario Odyssey APK

In Greek mythology, there was a famous character named Odysseus, who was fond of adventure and travel. Acting on the legacy of Odysseus, our childhood running plumber is also a footloose to discover new worlds. Like Odysseus, Mario also has an objective to achieve, during this adventurous trip.

So, what happens is that the beloved princess of the kingdom has been kidnapped by a bastard named Bowser. The place where he is hidden is completely unknown and nobody has any idea about it. Therefore, exploring the world remains the only option left for Super Mario. That is what he will do, but it is not possible without your assistance. So, they help Mario and Cappy to save the princess and move to a safe kingdom to get married.


Unlike those previous Mario games, this latest release holds non-linear gameplay. In other words, now you will experience different gameplay with somewhat wide angles. Instead of that straight horizontal line, where you could only jump, here you will observe new elements. Nooks, walls, impediments, grass, clouds, and everything else have been modified and enhanced. Crannies and nooks are supposed to be explored in new gameplay with new character animations. The control over your character is way higher and turn-taking adds cherry on the top.

As far as the visuals are concerned, they are better than the best with an extremely clear view. One can even get to see the smallest hair on the bodies of the characters. The trees, grass, roads, vehicles, weapons, etc. are so real that the smallest details of them are seen. Moreover, the absence of Koopalings adds glory to the gameplay, since they were annoying. Last but of course not least is that the cap of Mario has charming eyes that look enchanting.

Features of Super Mario Odyssey APK Latest Version

Get these features in this sandbox open-world game by Nintendo:

Explore and uncover with Mario

The word “Mario” is synonymous with the word adventure. Because whenever we hear the word “Adventure” the figure of Mario pops up in our minds. After so long, he is back again with a different open-world format having multiple worlds. So, it is time to explore and uncover the Nintendo universe with Mario and this will be highly entertaining.

Run with Thematic Tunes

Mario’s journey is music to our ears because, with every step, every jump, and every hit, you will be relished with thematic tunes. For falling into a pitfall, the tune is somewhat gloomy whereas excelling in something great will play joyful tunes. Just keep running with tunes and save your princess before she gets married.

A Lot of Valuable Moon

After running for several miles, there used to be only one moon and that would disappear. Contrary to this, Super Mario Odyssey APK encompasses a lot of valuable moons. More moons mean more worlds and more worlds mean more fun.

Mario Now Transforms into Anything

Mario is no longer an ordinary plumber, rather he has turned into a magician. Now he can transform himself into others, especially those of his villains. More or less 50 transformations are available, and these are quite valuable to tackle the difficulties.

Practice before the Real Pitfall

A lot of people argue that Super Mario is not meant for children because it is too tricky for them. The claim is no longer valid because now you may find a practice mode here, that allows you to practice before you fall into the real pitfall.

How to Download Super Mario Odyssey APK Mod?

The mod of this adventure-oriented game is also available so that you may find something more captivating in this already excellent game. The mod of Super Mario comes up with these perks:

Generally, you are asked to certify whether you are a Nintendo member or not, before installing this game. Therefore, this mod exclusively permits you to get “Super Mario Odyssey Download Mobile” without verification.

Super Mario Odyssey PPSSPP APK

If you’re looking for a decent way to explore the large world of Mario on the large screen of your PC or laptop, then you will need an emulator PPSSPP. This mod is designed to magically run without an emulator so that you help Mario emancipate his princess.


Princess Peach has once again been kidnapped by Bowser and the Italian plumber Mario is concerned about the safety of the princess. For this reason, he is going to travel adventurously like those adventures of Odysseus in his latest game “Super Mario Odyssey APK.” With a lot of moons and thematic music, let’s help Mario to uncover the world. And don’t forget to practice lest you fall into any pitfall before saving the princess.


Q. Is Luigi a playable character in this version?

Unfortunately, Luigi is no longer playable in this latest release, because this version is quite minimalistic. As there are only two playable characters, Mario and Cappy, Luigi is not available.

Q. What are the control options in Super Mario Odyssey 64 APK?

There are way too many control alternatives like numeric, generic, pointing keys, arrow keys, etc. You can also play with a joystick, keyboard, or other wireless devices to jump, dodge, and run your character.

Q. How can I jump to the next level in this game?

To hop onto the next level in Super Mario, you will need to get the moon. Because getting to the moon represents the ending of the current stage and the start of the next stage.