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Sonic mania plus apk is a side-scrolling, arcade running game comes in various stages and bosses. Being a bonus game, for the first time, the developers released this game to celebrate several years of success of SEGA. It is available in both online and offline modes with high-quality 2D graphics. Complete any stage and beat the boss at the end to jump into the next stage to reach the end of the game.

About Sonic Mania Plus APK

The blue-colored running squirrel from those schooldays is back again. But this time, it is wearing the suit of modern times. You all remember this game, don’t you? For a decade everything changed, and multiple high-graphics games were published. But recently, to celebrate their birthday, they released this mania game, where you may see the combined roles of different characters from different versions.

The gameplay, unlike new sonic games, is based on past versions with a horizontal view. The game is based on 14 different zones and each zone has a lot of roads. The roads are teeming with rings, and you will be running there; any obstacle can get your game over. Therefore, dodge all these obstacles to reach the end of the zone. You can better your gaming experience using worldbox mod apk premium unlocked.

Additionally, the storyline is almost 20 years old as it portrays the story of the classic SEGA series, where Dr. Robotnik is on a mission to demolish the world. Sonic Hedgehog, like a hero, jumps in and tries to beat this devilish doctor. Now fate is in your hands because you can help Sonic get more and more coins to beat the doctor.

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Interesting Features of Sonic Mania Plus APK

This new version of Sonic is adorned with the following features:

Revive Your Childhood Memories!

There can be no better way to revive your childhood memories than playing a game of your childhood. For this purpose, Sonic Mania online is at your disposal to take you back to the days of your infancy.

Quests to Earn Rewards in Sonic

Hundreds of side quests are there, which were of course unavailable previously. Complete these quests to make a handsome number of rewards in this side-scrolling game.

Now Heroes Run Faster

Forget about the previous dashing speed of this squirrel, because in this latest version, the speed is 2x faster. Whether you opt for Tails or Knuckles, the speed will move you dashingly.

Now Enemies Hit Harder

The competition is getting tougher day-by-day in this arcade game because the final bosses are even stronger. Therefore, enjoy the tough competition because Dr. Robotnik will hit harder than ever.

Score Plate Shows Everything

Everyone demands recognition and this recognition can be found on the score plates of the online mode of Sonic Mania Plus. If you are talented enough to score higher than others, this game is meant for you.

More Rings, More Energy

In the previous version, rings were available in the form of small chunks. On one side, you may find rings while on the other side, there are no rings at all. Contrarily, in this mania, rings will never end and thereby you may gather more energy.

Boosters to Suffice Your Stamina

Intermittently, you will find some liquid-like boosters and they will fasten your 2x speed. This speed will not let your stamina go down easily; thus, you will beat the intentions of the devil doctor earlier.

Islands are More Extended Now

Although the islands are old, they are extended; new elements have been added. Not only previous islands are extended but new islands can also be found, where different characters like Tails and Knuckles will be running.

Pixel-Perfect 60 FPS Visual

There is no doubt that nobody likes conventional 2D graphics and therefore many versions of Sonic were released in high-quality visuals. Nevertheless, this time you will be seeing 60 FPS graphics to retrieve the previous memories.

Many Characters to Explore the Map

This jubilee version is composed of five main playable characters. These include Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles, Tails, etc. In addition to these playable characters, there are many non-playable characters like villains, cheerleaders, and helpers. Call the whole city through criminal action with your dude theft wars mod apk character.

Modded Features of Sonic Mania Plus APK Mod

Although the app has not been developed completely, the developers were too quick to create a modified version. So, there is a mod of this squirrel-centered game that can be retrieved free of cost with the benefits of these features:

Unlimited Power The boosters are limitless and so is the power of Sonic the Hedgehog.
Unlimited Rings In the mode, rings are already available before running even one zone.
Unlocked Characters The characters are not getting unlocked stage-by-stage, but suddenly.
Dashing Speed The users of the mod might experience a faster pace than common users.
APK + OBB Additional files shed the weight of files and let the squirrel run faster.
No Verification Enjoy a hassle-free experience without verification fuss.

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Advantages & Disadvantages

Sonic Mania Plus APK holds two sides of the coin, where one side represents the advantages whereas the other shows the disadvantages. Here is a brief comparison of both sides of Sonic:


• Unlike those modern, high-graphic sonic games, this game is a mixture of past and present versions. Technology and advancement belong to the present time while the story comes from 90’s Sonic.

• The characters are classic ones and have cheered various generations in such a way that a father can enjoy these time-bearing characters with his son.

• There is no moment of rest, and you remain tied up in running, so you can never get bored in Sonic Mania.

• Exquisite level systems of the game introduce new elements and characters at every new level. Moreover, new bosses appear to put hurdles in your way.


• One might find some incomplete items as this game is yet underdeveloped and needs final touches.

• Side-scrolling controls of Sonic are somewhat outdated and cannot compete with the swipe controls.

• The servers are too slow in online mode, and one may face a lot of defeats not because one cannot play but because of the pokey network.

Sonic Mania Android APK Download

Sonic Mania Mobile Download cannot be installed with the single-tap procedure, rather supposed to be downloaded manually in these 3 short steps:

1. Grab the APK file and place it in your storage.

2. Go to the storage, tap on it, and begin the installation.

3. Here you go, as the app will soon appear on the home screen.

Final thoughts

The old Sonic is back again with a modern twist. Now, sonic mania plus apk is filled with a lot of rewarding items like boosters, rings, high-speed, score plates, extended islands, more characters, etc. However, there are some cons of this modern Sonic like a slow server and incomplete stages. Yet the ratio of goodness remains higher, making this game a must-have.

General FAQs

Q. How to unlock Dr.Robotnik in Sonic Mania Plus Mobile?

Dr. Robotnik is the antagonist or the villain of the game, therefore he is not a playable character. As far as the visibility of this character is concerned, he appears at the end of the game, as the final boss.

Q. Which are the two most recent characters in this game?

Like Marvel, SEGA is also on a mission to build its characters’ universe and therefore it adds new characters now and then. Recently, Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel were included.

Q. How many stages are there in one zone of this squirrel game?

The game is classified into different zones and then each zone is further subdivided into two primary stages. The difficulty as well as the number of unlocked characters gets higher with each stage.