7 Best FPS Android Games for 2024

People are going insane over FPS (First Person Shooting) games. That sounds crazy, but this is all because of the accessibility of FPS games for mobile. Many of us cannot spend a lot of time in front of PCs, which is why catching your favorite games on PC is becoming hard. But all thanks to the developers who make it so easy to download FPS games on Android. Now you can play it whenever you want to on the access of your hand.

Best FPS Games in 2024

We have arranged a list of the 7 best FPS games for Android in 2024. If you want to play an action-packed endless shooting game, this list will help you find the one. Some of these games are the updated version of old FPS games. If you are fond of weapons, shooting, battle arenas, and other thrilling elements, try these games on your Mobile in 2024.

  1. PUBG Mobile
  2. Call of Duty Mobile
  3. Apex Legends Mobile
  4. Dead Effect
  5. Doom
  6. Modern Strike
  7. Modern Combat

PUBG Mobile

PUBG MOBILE GameSince 2018 PUBG Mobile has broken records among the best Android Games and constantly ranks at the top of the list. This FPS Game has a good plot and fantastic gameplay. You can play this game with multiple friends online. Recently, PUBG Mobile has been updated to PUBG: New State. This version has better graphics and controls and has the latest weapons. Both versions’ main plot and gameplay are the same, but the visual experience becomes more attractive. The game will leave you on an island where hundreds of other players explore the area, loot, and kill enemies. You will find unique vehicles, weapons, tactical gear, ammo, and many other things to survive on the island. Do everything possible to remain alive among all these players. Some of the premium features are paid for in PUBG Mobile, but with the downloading of the PUBG Mobile Mod Apk, you can access all the premium items in the game.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile GameThe game breaks all the previous records as millions of people have downloaded this game from the Google Play Store. The game has four modes: frontline, search and destroy, deathmatch, and domination. They can be played in unranked matches, but some are locked. You have to complete missions. After that, they can be unlocked. But wait, you will be happy to know that all of these modes can be opened by downloading Mod Call of Duty. It will make in-app purchasing accessible. The game offers a solo and multiplayer mode, and you can play this action-packed game with your friends and make new records. All the features are outstanding, from Battle Royale to zombies, because the game is a complete package.

Apex Legends Mobile

This newly launched game is a big hit in the gaming world. The game Apex Legends Mobile shooter is a battle royale in the form of a squad you fight against your rivals. Choose your favorite one among the exceptional heroes and land on the piece of land shown on the map. As you proceed, the map becomes smaller and smaller. Run, shoot and loot gameplay will make the game impactful. Your victory depends on your heroes, so choose yours wisely. The traits of each hero are different from the rest. Make your effort to take the game to the next level by consistently winning. Yes, you heard it right! In Apex Legends Premium Unlocked, get unlimited health packs, weapons, unlocked legends, and money in the game.

Dead Effect 

Dead Effect GameDead Effect 2 is a zombie game with a single player. This blood-shredding game has some severe and somewhat horrifying visuals. If you are a person with a weak heart, then you should play at your own risk. This real-life experience FPS game will let you enjoy killing and cutting zombies and saving yourself. This survival FPS game will let you use tons of weapons, gear, and other objects to kill those zombies through different game levels. As you upgrade the story, the game becomes more thrilling. The premium features paid for in the game can be accessed through the mod version. This single-player game is suitable for gamers who want to enjoy campaigns, not competitions.


Doom Mod APK GameHow can we skip a classic yet top-ranked game on the list? Doom is considered the father of FPS games for Android. Due to its smooth controlling mechanism, this game still has that charm. The game is considered revolutionary in its genre at the beginning of its launch. In the game, you and your teammates indulge in a war on Mars. You are the last hope because demons and aliens killed everyone else from your group. You have to be vigilant as many enemies are roaming around you. Look on the map consistently, as it will guide you through the way. The developers add some fantastic features in the anniversary edition of the game.   

Modern Strike Online

Modern Strike Online: PvP FPS GameAs the name suggests, this game is another action-packed game with FPS. The game has a total of eight different modes, which you can play solo or with players around the world. An even more exciting thing about this game is that the game offers a variety of weapons that will blow your mind. Also, you can customize your hero with different skins to make them look more dangerous. It doesn’t matter what kind of smartphone you have; the game is workable even on an average or below-average smartphone with excellent graphics.


Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5: mobile FPS GameThis game raises the standard of FPS games for mobile. On the battlefield, you and your 8 players will face the opponents, you can invite your friends to team up with you, or you can play online with players around the world. The gameplay is more like Call of Duty; the same energy will also be served in single-player mode. You will play the role of a brave soldier who risks his life to shoot dead enemies. Enter this battlefield with high-powered guns and test your survival skills. All these things make Modern Combat 5 even more appealing and suitable.


If you find this list of best FPS games for Android helpful then let us know your opinion in the comment section. Enjoy these endless shooting games with high-resolution graphics. These games will make you 2024 action-packed.