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Yandere Simulator APK is a broad sandboxing open-world game that works in a stealth style. In this single-player simulation game, you will find yourself in the shoes of a teenage schoolgirl and simulate her life. The story is divided into various missions and each mission comprises mini tasks. Meanwhile, the dialogue box is there to assist you thoroughly.

Yandere Simulator APK Android Storyline

The storyline of Yandere Simulator Mobile is quite interesting and unique and is centered on a schoolgirl. Her full name is YandereChan, but everyone calls her Yandere. Unlike common girls, Yandere is crazy in every aspect of life especially when it comes to love is crazy in every aspect of life especially when it comes to love.

The school life of Yandere was going on track until one day an exchange student joined them and captivated the nerves of every girl. All the girls immediately fell in love with him and Yandere was not an exception. She decides to impress him hook or by crook and therefore decides to put an end to all those girls who try to flirt with him.

Yandere Simulator APK


As far as the gameplay is concerned, it is a stealth game which means you will do every mission undercover. Therefore, you will have to leave no traces of the murders you will commit for your love. Playing the role of an introverted yet psychopathic girl will certainly demand your through attention with strategy. With these tasks, the story runs hand-in-hand, while all the dialogues make the plot crystal-clear and help you progress accordingly.

Playing the role of an introvert yet psychopath girl, will certainly demand your thorough attention with strategy. With these tasks, the story runs hand-in-hand, while all the dialogues make the plot crystal-clear and help you progress accordingly. To enjoy special features download spaceflight simulator mod apk unlimited fuel and unlocked all.

Features of Yandere Simulator APK

Relish the following anime features in this game:

Don’t Confess, Just Impress!

We are all tired of conventional love stories, where two people fall in love; one of them proposes, and the story ends with a happy ending. Therefore, Yandere breaks all these previous concepts of love and represents love in a twisted manner. Rather than confessing, she tries to impress her love so that he confesses that he loves Yandere. To know what happens in this unconventional love story, you need to help Yandere in impressing her crush.

Sandbox NPC Environment

There is no doubt that the plot of Yandere Simulator APK is packed with a lot of non-playable characters (NPCs). Yet the influence of these characters is as vast as this sandboxing game is. If any character sees you doing something wrong, he can complain to the police. Similarly, if you are doing something good, these characters can praise you, ending up with some extra points. In addition to this, their whispers also affect this stretching sandbox plot; beware of what you’re up to.

Everything is fair in Love

You might have heard that everything is fair in love, and this is what Yandere, the young schoolgirl, does. She does not hesitate to do anything to get her love, even if it is illegal or impossible. In the game, you may find her expelling other girls from the school with her judicious tactics. She’s a genius killer too and can poison her opponent girls in the blink of an eye. Moreover, she is also adept at kidnapping other girls to hide them from the sight of her crush. Enjoy a fantasy love story of girls in adorable home mod apk.

See Through the Walls

There is an unexpected magical element in this game that permits you to see through every obstacle such as walls. This ability is known as “Yandere Vision” and allows that little, but not innocent girl to see what others are doing in the room next to her. So that she can act accordingly and plan to remove those girls for good. Additionally, as the level progresses, your ability to see through the walls will also be enhanced.

Highly Interactive Characters

Yandere is not a girl but your reflection in the game world. Everything she will do will be a practical vision of your choices and strategy. The reason behind this exceptional interaction is that the characters are highly interactive and contribute greatly to the story. Apart from this central character, side characters also show the same interaction through their imperative role in the storyline. AkaneHiyama, KaedoFuyo, Megumi Shimizu, etc. are some examples.

Other Features

  • The manga-style 2D graphics are even though not in trend, yet Yandere APK succeeds in creating a better-than-the-best visual experience. Vibrant characters with plain backgrounds having white dialogue boxes collectively present a charming view.
  • There is no doubt that you are free to accomplish your mission with your choices, yet you had better be mindful that multiple choices here will lead to multiple endings. So, this will let you relish the multi-dimensional endings.
  • Unlike those irrelevant dialogues, Yandere along with all the characters, speaks in a monotonous tone having improved and synchronized dialogue boxes. Moreover, these dialogues are direct extracts from comic books.
  • The beauty of Yandere Simulator APK lies in its free-of-cost installation, because there is no such game with such brilliance, offering free gameplay. So, this privilege is short-term, and you should take full advantage of it before it slips away.

Tips play Yandere Simulator Game APK

  • Laughing too much will improve your image in the class and nobody will consider you a killer.
  • To avoid blood stains, before changing your dress, ensure you have killed all the targets.
  • Instead of using high-end weapons, use scissors, wires, or screwdrivers to avoid doubt.
  • Don’t go near those students who are close to the teachers and tell them everything.
  • While attacking any character, burst their head, so that they do not shout.

Steps to Download Yandere Simulator APK

Whether you are going to get Yandere Simulator APK PC or for your mobile or tablet, the process is the same, and it goes like this:

  • Download and save the APK file to a definite spot on your device.
  • Install it manually and grant preliminary permission.
  • The game is ready to be launched to immerse yourself in the beauty of anime.


Yandere Simulator APK is a one-character stealth game with winsome features like a stretchable sandbox environment and highly engaging characters. Furthermore, you can see what is going beyond the walls while progressing in this wild love story. The love of this young lady will not end up like the common ones; rather she would claim a lot of lives just to impress her love.


Is this anime-based schoolgirl game fully developed?

Yandere is not fully developed yet and the version you will download is a demo version. This release is meant for experimentation and contains a lot of incomplete tales and missions, which are in progress.

Is Yandere Simulator Mod APK available?

So far, there is no such modified game available for this Japanese, anime-themed game. The reason is that this game is still underdeveloped and when it is fully developed then you will find the mod.

Can I get Yandere Simulator APK Download No Verification?

There is no way to get Yandere Simulator APK Download no human verification, because before launching the game you will be asked to verify that “You’re not a robot.”