Traffic Tour Mod APK Android v2.0.9 | Unlimited Money & Gems

traffic tour mod apkThe traffic tour mod apk is a racing game, you can simply download it from your play store. When a player opens this game he can see a screen typed touch screen, and after touching the screen player can see a car given to him by default. There is an apk for this game as well which is called Traffic Tour Mod apk which will provide users with unlimited money just by downloading the mod apk it will also remove all the traffic with this mod traffic tour.

The opening screen has many options like coins, cash/money, players can change the number plate as well, log in to the Facebook option, more google games and setting options, etc. By signing in to Facebook users can play with their friends as well.

Title Traffic Tour Car Racer game
Package Id com.wolvesinteractive.traffictour
Version 2.0.9
Developer Wolves Interactive
Size 84Mb
Mod Features Unlimited Money, Gold
Category Racing

After connecting to Facebook users will be awarded some cash or coins. There are options of settings, customizing cars, coloring their cars, and changing their cars on the top of the screen. There is another option on the top which is XP levels, which increases when a user wins races.

Traffic Tour mod apk for IOS

At the bottom, there is an information bar that contains the information of the car the user has selected. The information bar tells the top speed, handling, brakes, and power of a car user selected. Next to the information bar, there is an option that starts the game, and that option is NEXT. After selecting the car and customizing it, the user can simply click the NEXT button given on the bottom right corner to start the game.

Traffic Tour Mod Apk Gameplay:

Traffic tour mod apk is a game just like other big games like Asphalt 9 mod apk. When a user starts the game after selecting his car he has multiple mods to play and those mods are career mode, racing mode, endless mode, free ride mode, time trial mode, rush hour 3D mod apk, and daily event mode.

Users can select any mode they want to play, every mode contains its specific qualities and challenges. After selecting the mode player can play the game, and after this player has to control the game, there are buttons of speed and brake at the bottom of the screen, which players can use to play the game.

Traffic Tour mod apk for PC

In the game, the player has to face a lot of traffic and the player has to drive through that traffic, there are few checkpoints he has to cross to win the race, if the player does it quickly he will be awarded coins and cash/money. 

If a player overtakes a vehicle from a close distance he will be awarded some extra time. The Player has a specific time to clear those checkpoints, and he/she can earn more time by close overtakes. In career mode, there are few challenges for players like completing the race in a few seconds to earn coins or cash, these kinds of challenges.

Players can also select the location, weather, and traffic status (one-way traffic or two-way traffic). Players can also change the camera modes of cars like players can play from a third-person perspective and also from a first-person perspective to give players everything they can ask for in a car game.

By winning the races players earn coins and cash which help them customize their cars, make the engine of the car better, adding suspensions, and a lot more customizations. 

Players can also buy new cars if they have enough cash or coins, there are some rare cars with good speed, power, and handling which a player can get by winning a lot of races.

Traffic Tour Mod Apk Reviews:

Traffic tour mod apk is the game just like other big racing games, this game provides everything one could ask for in a racing game. That’s why it has a 4.1 rating on the play store. It provides players with regular updates to help them with all the issues they face.  

This game provides its users with some luxury cars and cars people love to have in the game. That’s why millions of people have downloaded it and it is one of the most favorite games among people.

It is easy to download and it is free on the play store which makes it easy to download for people. It has positive reviews because this game gives the player good graphics, good controls, and everything they need in a car game. Top Drives mod apk is another eye catching game for race lovers.

Traffic Tour Mod Apk Features:

traffic tour mod

Traffic tour mod apk is something every user wants, it is an apk that gives users the best experience of the game. The mod apk includes:

  • All cars unlocked
  • Unlimited money
  • Free shopping

All cars unlocked:

Traffic tour mod apk has unique and luxury cars which players can get by winning races and earning money and coins. If you have enough money and coins you can buy a car.

But with the traffic tour mod apk you can get all your cars without even playing any game, just download the mod apk and you can have all your cars unlocked at any level.

Unlimited Money:

In this game, you have to struggle and play games and sometimes you can’t win a race without a car having higher stats and because players don’t have enough money they aren’t able to buy those cars.

But if players download the traffic tour mod apk they can have unlimited money, they don’t have to win races they don’t have to struggle to buy new cars, they can get unlimited money by this mod apk, and players can customize as much as they want, buy any car they want. 

Free Shopping:

Modded Traffic tour is a challenging game for the players, to get new cars and to get rare and luxury cars players have to complete those challenges and after completing them they will be awarded money and coins which help players to buy new cars. But this takes too much time and players have to struggle a lot to get new cars.

With this traffic tour mod apk players don’t have to complete those challenges they don’t have to struggle for anything they don’t have to get to higher levels to earn XP and much more. They can simply download this mod apk and have everything unlocked. Players will get every car unlocked and upgraded.


This is a strategic game in which players select their favorite modes and then they have to control the car they have selected and complete the challenges given by the game.

After completing those challenges players will be awarded some rewards like money and coins which helps players to upgrade their cars to customize their cars which will help players to compete against new challenges.

To help players with these challenges and to help them unlock every car, every upgrade, and unlimited money there is a mod apk for this game called traffic tour mod apk which gives players everything they asked for in this game.

By downloading this mod apk, players don’t have to complete the challenges to earn money, this mod apk will give them unlimited money. They don’t have to struggle to get new cars; this mod will give them every car unlocked and fully upgraded.

This is the conclusion to the players who struggle to get enough money to get new cars, struggle to get enough money and coins, and struggle to upgrade cars.

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