TM Whatsapp 2024 – Download Latest Version 8.68 [Lite/Android/iOS]

A further modification of the original WhatsApp, TM WhatsApp, provides its users with a wealth of feature-related convenience. If you've only ever used the old WhatsApp, this app has a tonne of brand-new capabilities for you.
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A further modification of the original WhatsApp, TM WhatsApp, provides its users with a wealth of feature-related convenience. If you’ve only ever used the old WhatsApp, this app has a tonne of brand-new capabilities for you.

TM Whatsapp 2024

This software was updated and made by Titus Mukisa. The program’s innovative features, such as suppressing notifications that appear from chats and status updates, are now helping it gain more users and downloads.

TM Whatsapp Features

There are a tonne of exclusive features in this app that you won’t find in any other WhatsApp mod program. Users of the most recent edition of TM WhatsApp can instantly download WhatsApp status. You don’t have to ask them to update their WhatsApp status. WhatsApp status often lasts for 24 hours. Yet it can last up to 36 to 48 hours with TM Whatsapp.

tm whatsapp

Custom Themes

The most recent version of WhatsApp from TM comes with several theme libraries. Use any theme as your wallpaper or use any theme to alter the app’s interface entirely.

Multiple Messages

Send different messages to various contacts at once. You can send a message to several contacts as a transferred message using the TM WhatsApp APK without having the forward mark appear above the message.

Text message deletion

Sometimes we wish to erase a message, but WhatsApp doesn’t provide the delete option for everyone. When we exceed remove for everyone’s coding time, it may be really frustrating at times. However, you no longer need to be concerned because you have three days to remove WhatsApp chats from both parties. Try car parking multiplayer APK and rooter mod apk.

Auto Reply

TM WhatsApp’s auto-reply functionality functions like a dynamic auto-reply bot. When you are offline or away from your phone, you can create a customized auto-reply message that will be delivered to everyone who messages you.

Share a video status that lasts up to 7 minutes

Install the TM WhatsApp app on your gadget and enjoy it if you don’t want your video to be compressed or divided into smaller files.

Unlimited Groups

On this, you have the ability to create a finite amount of groups. Every function of the standard WhatsApp app that we may get from the Google Play store is subject to various limitations; nevertheless, with TM WhatsApp, all protected features are accessible.

Add Unlimited Users to the Group

In Basic Green WhatsApp, each group can have a maximum of 512 members. You can invite an infinite number of people to a group you form using this WhatsApp app.

Blue Tick After Reply

The majority of the time, we are either too busy or unwilling to reply to someone’s message, yet we still see it. In particular, whether it is your parents, family, or boss, if we don’t answer them at that time, it will either sever the relationship or enrage them. Therefore, when you reply to that individual, TM WhatsApp pretends to assist you in hiding the Blue Tick.

Schedule your responses

On this whatsapp, you can schedule certain messages to be sent at a specific time on a specific day. On this WhatsApp, messages can be scheduled for up to a week. These are useful when sending surprise and engagement greetings.

Take Charge of Your Privacy

Although privacy is a mythology, by using this, you may make it a reality. The TM WhatsApp APK allows for the easy hiding of blue ticks, double ticks, and buried text and audio warnings that can be easily seen by the recipient. These options allow you to control the privacy settings for WhatsApp.

How can I install and download the TM WhatsApp APK on Android devices?

  • You have to enable installation from unknown sources on your smartphone before you can install apps from outside sources.
  • Open your device’s Settings app. then navigate to the Security Settings and select the Unknown Sources option. When you locate this option, turn it on.
  • Wait for your download of the TM WhatsApp APK to finish by downloading it from the website.
  • Once finished, locate the downloaded file in the File Manager application. It ought to be in the Downloads directory.
  • When you click on the file, an installation choice will appear; select that.
  • The installation procedure has begun. Wait for it to finish, then launch TM WhatsApp after it has.

Once it has been installed, launch WhatsApp TM. You might be prompted to grant access to files and media. Accept it. You will then get a screen similar to this one. Select “Agree and Continue” from the menu. You will now be prompted to input your phone information.

Enter the digits, then select Next. Check your phone number and any apps you use to “Make and manage phone calls” and “Access your phone call log”.

It will require you to grant access to contacts, Images, and other content after effective authentication. Press the Continue buttons. Set your account’s profile image and enter your name on the following screen. and to proceed, click NEXT. You are able to delight in using TM WhatsApp’s unique features.

Is it Safe to Use TM WhatsApp?

Many individuals use this, and thus far there have been no reports of abuse. So we may conclude that using the app is safe.


We have covered every aspect of TM WhatsApp APK for you. After learning everything there is to know about this program, what do you think? After reading about the incredible features of this software, I’m very confident you’ll want to give it a try. So click the download button and follow the above-described downloading instructions to give this program a try.