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Bloons TD 5 apk is a tower-defense game that involves casual elements combined with deep strategy. A kingdom of money is attacked by hundreds of thousands of balloons, and you have to burst those balloons before they destroy your flourishing kingdom. As it is playable both offline and online, you can choose to defend your kingdom alone or with your friends.

Bloons TD 5 Gameplay

Bloons TD 5 apk download is a strategically built tower-defense game, having casual and stylized elements like castle clash mod apk, and invading balloons. The story takes place in a mesmerizing jungle, where you own a kingdom of monkeys, and the monkeys enjoy prosperity. However, a sword of attack always hangs on their heads because balloons can turn this prosperous kingdom at any time. And in case those balloons successfully break the walls of your kingdom, you will no longer survive. Therefore, the existence of this kingdom is always at stake.

Bloons TD 5 Mod APK

Kingdom Defence

You are supposed to put some towers, or more precisely defense towers, around your kingdom. These towers should be placed in such a sequence that they should defend every corner of your kingdom. This involves deeper strategy and higher intellect to create such a sequence of defensive towers. Now, when you are done with your towers, expect an invasion from those balloons, and activate all of your towers. Let’s see how far you can go with your witty strategy and extreme defending skills.

Features of Bloons TD 5 APK

These are some of the renowned features of this monkey kingdom game:

No Bombs, Only Balloons

A kingdom is at the stake of being demolished forever. But guess what, neither bomb nor lethal weapons will execute this attack; rather some soft and vibrant balloons will be doing this job. A bunch of balloons has turned to your kingdom intending to destroy your kingdom. These balloons might seem less menacing but what they are capable of is beyond description. Therefore, without taking their shape and color into account, make sure you hit all balloons correctly.

Play Again with the Same Depth

What sucks about most of the games is that the players get tired of it earlier. No matter how good a game is, when it comes to playing that game again, they are all the same. On the other hand, this jaw-dropping strategy game is meant to be played again and again with the same depth. The design as well as the concept is common even though there is something enigmatic that will never let you get bored of it.

Now Agents will do Your Job

It is quite frightening when somebody imagines protecting a kingdom all alone. That used to be the case in Bloons TD 5 Unblocked, where you were supposed to protect the land of monkeys all alone, with the help of some towers of course.

Nevertheless, this is not the case any longer as in this latest version, agents will be doing your job. With the money you have, you can hire a few agents and deploy them in the red zones. They will leave no stone unturned to defend your kingdom.

Play in 3 Different Styles

A game can neither be good nor engaging unless it has multifaceted playing modes. So, most of the time, you install a game, play it, love it, and then abandon it. The reason for this boredom is nothing but a lack of playing style. On the other hand, here you would discover three specific styles: classic, endless run, and quick attack. The classic style involves simply the conventional defense mechanism while the endless run is a never-ending style to play it. Quick attack testifies your reflexes and strengths. You can play forge of empires mod apk in a unique way.

Inconsistent BTD5 Levels

Unlike the old-school sequence of levels, Bloons TD 5 has introduced a new style of levels. Commonly the first level is easier and then the game gets harder as you progress. Contrarily, the levels in this game are not divided in such a usual manner, rather they are openly available. You can pick the hardest level for the very first time and play the easy level later on. This inconsistency of levels is the signature feature of this game which goes through over 250 missions of the game.

Modded features of Bloons TD 5 Mod APK

There are two primary versions of Bloons TD 5; the first is known as the common while the second is known as the mod. Although both Bloons TD 5 variants offer the same gameplay, there is a slight line between the common and the modified variants. This line is erected due to these features of the mod:

Unlocked Everything

There are parts of the game that are not accessible to the new users. This includes some towers, levels, weapons, etc. That is why this mod variant provides access to all such defensive towers and unlocks all the levels.

Bloons TD 5 Mod Menu

If somebody wants to manage and control all the towers accordingly, then there can be no better way than installing this mod variant. Having a mod menu combined because you may unlock new buttons and controls for your kingdom of monkeys.

Free Shopping

Monkeys need to shop for different things to make their defense unshakable. For this reason, they may need a free shopping feature that exists only in this modified variant.

Unlimited Money

Money can buy anything regardless of the gaming or real-world norms; this mod version of Bloons TD 5 will therefore provide unlimited money to you.

Final thoughts

With over 250 side missions and various levels, Bloons TD 5 is quite a captivating tower defense game. Having a cute but lethal competition between balloons and monkeys, it can be played again and again. Furthermore, one can play it in three different styles, which becomes more significant in the modified version. Since everything is unlocked in the mod, you can do shopping limitlessly and can alter the controls with the mod menu.


How can I execute a combo attack in Bloons TD 5 APK original?

Combo attacks are very valuable in this defensive game because they can burst multiple balloons at a time. To execute a combo attack you need to know which towers are active and which are inactive.

After I purchase something, will my progress stay, or will it vanish?

No matter how far you have gone or how many balloons you have flared, if you purchase something, all the progress will vanish instantly. So, you had better purchase first and then start progressing here.

How can I filter levels and choose my favorite without scrolling all?

Unfortunately, there is no way to filter the levels and dig out your favorite one in BTD5. The reason is that this game does not differentiate among the levels and keeps all of them in a horizontal line.