7 Best Survival Games on Android in 2024


In recent years, Survival games have taken over the gaming industry. This genre has become the favorite of all the players. The reason behind the massive fan following is that this genre is the complete package of adventure, thrill, and brainstorming games. 2024 is an era of games in which people rely on games to kill their boredom. They want to get a platform where they can get the best survival games from all the garbage of fun games on the play store. We are here to save you the precious time you can waste searching for the best survival games. Try to read the whole writing piece to get your hands on your favorite survival game from the list given below. Do visit our website if you are interested in other genre like Adventure Games and Action games.

7 Best Survival Games on Android in 2024

Survival games have their charm and fantasy. It’s like starting with nothing in your hands and ending the game by building your vast empire. Here is the list of the best survival games. Here is the list of the best survival games you can download to add to your gaming library.

  1. Minecraft
  2. The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands
  3. Crashlands
  4. Terraria
  5. Tinker Island
  6. Mini DAYS
  7. Don’t Starve


minecraft apkMinecraft is a mind-blowing survival game. It has everything a player wants in a mind strategy survival game. It was first developed by Markus, who worked in a Java gaming company. In Minecraft, the players must explore the map to find raw materials like crafting tools, building blocks, and machinery items. There are many modes available in the Minecraft survival game. You can team up to cooperate. In the fighting mode, you have to fight against the hostile mobs. In the survival mode, the players have to collect all the resources to construct the buildings for their safety and maintain health. You can download Minecraft from our website to get unlimited features for free and have fun.

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands GameThe Bonfire: Forsaken Lands is a survival mode game with relaxing gameplay. It does not mean it is boring. It has many challenges that will get difficult with every passing level. It will give you enough time to settle before the subsequent crises occur, and you can survive easily. The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands has a relatively slower pace than many similar survival games. Many monsters will be waiting to destroy you, but you can quickly ditch them by using surviving elements. This game demands careful consideration and strategies so that you can survive the levels. You can download it to relax your mind.


Crashlands GameCrashlands is one of the best survival RPG games ever made for PC consoles. Later it was modified and is now available for Android users too. In this game, there will be a crash-landing on the alien planet, and you have to help the Flux Dabes galactic truckers to maintain their health. There will be many quests in which you have to fight the monsters. It would be best to level up your current level to get advanced survival resources. You will gain valuable machines that will help you to explore new buildings in Crashlands. If you want a break from those boring realistic games, try Crashlands for once, and I’m sure you will love it.


Terraria GameTerraria is one of the best survival mode games for Androids in 2024. It is a land full of adventures and thrilling action. Here you must maintain yourself, your defense system, and your health. If you are looking for a full-package game with action, adventure, thrilling, and survival touch, download Terraria now. In this survival game, you must start building a shelter for yourself. After building shelters, you must dig ores to find other valuable resources. You can use these resources for your survival from hundreds of your enemies. You must face dangerous bosses, so prepare well and collect any material you find from digging to survive.

Tinker Island

Tinker Island ApkTinker Island is the last best survival game for Android devices we will discuss. It has elementary gaming mechanics. You can refresh your mind from all the tiredness and dullness of the day by playing this Tinker Island game. Initially, you will feel it is similar to other survival games, but it’s not. The players can easily predict the following in this survival game as it has digestible UI controls. You have to collect a lot of RPGs to manage and upgrade your survival. In Tinker Islands, you will get maps to explore. You have to fight the monsters using Tinker Island’s survival elements. Download this game now and experience the fantastic survival gameplay.


Mini DAYZ ApkMini DAYZ is the best survival PC game of all time. Recently it was modified and is now accessible for Android devices. You can enjoy this fantastic survival gaming experience on your smartphone’s screens. In this Mini DAYZ survival game, you are thrown into the wastelands full of zombies and monsters. You have to control thirst and hunger. You must manage the scavenging supplies and construct a solid base for survival in these wastelands. Many other players also join you in this Mini DAYZ mode. They will surely help you in ditching the zombies but stay alert. You must be aware of the betrayals. It is best for those who love to play multiplayer modes in their survival games.

Don’t Starve

Don't Starve GameDon’t Starve is one of the best survival mode games. A Canadian game creator created it. It was first made for Windows PC and OS X users but later was modified by the creators and is now available for androids. Don’t Starve is an action-based survival game. There will be many items available for your survival. The game was previously played by clicking on the mouse, but now the players can play it easily on Android screens. The main goal in Don’t Starve is to survive as long as possible, and the screen will show how many days the players have survived. If you are into action survival games, download Don’t Starve without any second thought.

Last Words

Hey Folks, finally, you are at the end of this masterpiece. Now, you can select your favorite survival game. These are the best survival games for androids that we have chosen for you. There are many more survival games available on the play store, but you have to search for hours to find a good survival game with thrilling gameplay. Not only this, we have a massive range of games on our website. You can go and check The Best RTS Games for Android to double your fun.