7 Best Arcade Games on Android in 2024

best arcade games in 2023Arcade games are the most fun games on their own. If you are from the ’80s, then you probably know how fun these games were back in the day. You have spent a lot of time playing these games in the coin-operating video games in public areas, forgetting about the homework and house chores and just focusing on your game. Some of the famous arcade games are listed in the Best Android Games. Every game mentioned in the best list has its unique style and gameplay. Some are old, and some are new, with advanced technology having the same format of coin-operating games style. 

The standout feature of the Arcade Mobile Game is its gameplay and storyline. They have simple yet easy gameplay but are challenging at the same time. You can easily understand the storyline by going through the game, and gameplays are simple to operate but have challenges that make your game even more exciting.

Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase Mod Apk

Players who love to play racing arcade games are likely to appropriate Horizon Chase. This game has some old-school graphics, but they are good enough that you can play the game on any android device. This game has classic arcade vibes that will throw you back in time with good memories. Simple control is available on your screen, likewise other same-genre games. So many racing tracks are available. Some of them are accessible, but some are locked. Download the Mod Horizon Chase to unlock them all. 21 diverse ranges of cars are available in the game, and the mod version will let you enjoy all of them for free. Race against your rivals with your favorite modern or classic car.

Sonic CD Classic

Sonic Dash Mod Apk

Sonic Game Series doesn’t need any introduction. The person who loves games would have played this game at least once. Players have a never-ending love for the Sonic Series, which is why it is considered the best mobile game. The storyline is about Amy Rose, and you have to travel through time looking for the doctor who can save Amy Rose. Revive all seven-time stones along with fighting against Eggman and his monsters. This game has many ads, but you can skip them by downloading the Mod Sonic CD Classic Apk. The Mod version will give you free access to unlimited money, shopping, and all kinds of resources.

Candies ’n Curses

As the Halloween season begins, this is the right time to add this Best Arcade Game to this list. The downloading of the game is entirely free, but Candies ‘n Curses has some in-app purchases to upgrade your game. If you want to avoid this purchase, you can download the Mod Apk Candies ‘n Curses, and this version will help you with premium resources. This Halloween-style game will be so much fun, as the gameplay is engaging. You must gather all the power-ups while fighting against the ghosts and boss ghosts. Collect weapons throughout the game; you can also change your character’s appearance to make the game more fun.

Contra Returns

contra returns apk

Back then, Contra Returns was available on arcade machines. This action-arcade game was top-rated for its style and was similar to Metal Slug. Due to its popularity, the developers make a whole new game series for mobile devices. You can play this fun game solo or in PvP mode. There are multiple game modes available with new challenges. Finish your enemies with the help of unlocked weapons in Contra Returns Mod Version. The gameplay is packed with action and thrill, and the vivid sound makes the game even more enjoyable. So, select your favorite hero and start playing this game for an instant battle with your friends.

Bendy in Nightmare Run

Bendy in Nightmare Run apk is a free to download running arcade game, considered the best arcade game on mobile. This spooky game will make your Halloween time more exciting. The graphics of the game are super engaging, like old Disney cartoons. The gameplay includes running for life and fighting against bosses. This top-rated game is trendy among kids as well. You can make the game more enjoyable by downloading Bendy in Nightmare Run Mod and unlocking everything.

Bullet Hell Monday

Bullet Hell Monday is a shooting arcade game. In which you have to shoot at your rivals, they also point their guns at you. The game has almost 50 different levels with three modes, and there are a total of four difficulty levels. You can select the one in which you feel comfortable. This online game will let you play games with people worldwide and make your name rank top on the leaderboard. This high-rating game has gameplay that is easy to understand. The control of the game is simple as well. The only challenge of this game is to protect yourself from your rival’s bullet. They are attacking you with the hell of firing. Attack back and kill them all.

Asphalt 9: Legends

asphalt 9 legends mod apk

Asphalt is the most addictive game series in the arcade racing genre. Asphalt 9: Legends is one of them and has extraordinary graphics and simple control on the screen. This PvP game has a lot of missions for you and allows you to customize your favorite vehicles according to your style. There are so many cars available for the race, but you have to unlock them first to select for your race. In Asphalt 9 Legends Mod Apk, you can have accessibility to all the vehicles available in the game with upgrading.


So many other arcade games can be added to the Best Arcade Game on Android in the 2024 list, but unfortunately, this is the most that can be shared. But I hope there is a lot to choose from. Choose the action arcade or racing arcade. All of them are available on this list to choose from. These best Mobile Arcade Games will take you to the time of the coin-operating game era of the 90s. Which one of these arcade games is your favorite? Write down in the comment box below. We will get back to you with another exciting blog.